“Pay As You Go” Wrap Program

This solution provides cash flow benefits to the owner and/or developer by only paying for the premises exposure initially.

Pay As You Go” Wrap Program

We have developed an exclusive wrap program for small to medium sized projects on a “pay as you go” basis with an AM Best’s ‘A’ rated carrier. The program provides cash flow benefits to the owner and/or developer by only requiring them to pay the premium for the premises exposure up front.

An additional premium for the completed operations coverage is pre-priced at the quote stage and written into the policy. The completed operations coverage and AP is triggered and paid for at the completion of the first unit and is subject to QC signoff.

  • Target Projects:
    Up to $60,000,000 in gross project revenue or up to 100 units
  • Building Type:
    Single family home, condos and townhomes. New construction only. No apartment conversions and no partially completed projects
  • Construction Type:
    Wood frame and concrete/steel construction
  • Territory:
    All states, excluding New York and selected risks in Nevada
  • Limits:
    1/2/1, 1/2/2 and 2/2/2
  • Policy Term:
    Up to 48 months with extended completed operations provision
  • Minimum Deductible:
  • Minimum Premium:
    $50,000 for a 1/2/2 and $75,000 for a 2/2/2 (for both premises and products - completed operations coverage). Initial premises premium will be 40% of the total premium and the balance of 60% is the products completed operations premium.

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